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Community Health Representative

Brenda Norman

Flying Dust First Nation

Health Centre (Band Office)


Flying Dust Reserve

Meadow Lake, SK

S9X 1T8

Telephone: (306) 236-8670

Fax: (306) 236-2835

  • What Is Health Promotion?

    Health promotion helps people of all ages with physical, emotional, social, and spiritual improvement. We  strive to improve the quality of lives by being a support system, by providing access to healthy lifestyle choices through participation and education in areas such as these:

    • Public Health Presentations
    • Cultural Activities
    • Safety, Support, Workshops
    • Prevention and Health Promotion for all ages
    • Information, Educate

    The CHR will provide a variety of health care and educational services within the community under general guidance and direction of the Community Health Plan as adopted by the Health Committee and Chief and Council.  The CHR activities will be planned and implemented in consultation with the Community Health Nurse/Health Director.

    The duties can be divided into three main areas. 

    1. Direct Health care Provisions
    2. Community Development Activities
    3. Liaison Activities
  • 1. Direct Health Provisions

    Family centered Health care is delivered mainly through home visiting, school programs and small group activities.  The CHR activities are planned and  implemented with consultation with the Community Health Nurse and include the following:

    Family Centered Home Visits

    • Provides perinatal health teaching to families including changes to anticipate during pregnancy, nutrition, exercise, risk factors, medical care, labor and delivery, newborn care, breastfeeding and  family planning.
    • Assesses home situations in families of all ages through listening and observation.
    • Provides assistance with health related problems through counselling and referrals to appropriate agencies.
    • Teaches families of all ages about dental care, communicable diseases, mental health, child development, drug abuse, and other topics as necessary through referrals by appropriate health staff.
    • Works with CHN and/or physician in obtaining health histories.
    • Assist the health nurse and health staff on call to provide emergency first aid when necessary.

    School Health Programs

    • Work with school staff and other health in health presentations, emphasizing and personal hygiene.
  • 2. Community Development Activities

    • Assists in the development of new groups and works with existing community groups to improve the community’s health.
    • Conducts workshops education programs about topics of interest to the community.
  • 3. Liaison Activities

    With Health Care Staff

    • Advises all health care personnel about local First Nations culture and tradition.
    • Advises acceptable approach to the specific health problems of community members on advice of the nurse.
    • Participates in health clinics as necessary.

    Within the Community

    • Makes hospital visits to community members once a month if necessary.
    • Attends and participates in Band Council meetings and other appropriate committees as requested: e.g.  Interagency meetings and health meetings.
    • The CHR is also responsible for attending continuing education sessions on consultation with the health director..

    Health Education and Promotion

    • Provides community health information, information, instruction and guidance to residents to educate them in safe  health practices.
    • Plan and conduct workshops, short courses and health education programs.