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CCP - Next Steps


July 2017:

  • Finished draft of CCP with the feedback done from FDFN on and off-reserve consultation/engagement sessions during 2015 -2017, and present to FDFN members through the new website, and in hardcopies.
  • The new website will be used as part of our communication strategy, which will allow for feedback on the CCP and other initiatives so we can add pieces as we go.
  • The community goals and priorities will be outlined in the plan, and each goal/priority will be linked to indicators (statistics) from our Web Dashboard (other side of page) gathered in every area to show progress to FDFN members.

August 2017 – March 2018:

  • Community Advisory Team meetings will take place throughout, to guide the implementation, monitoring of the CCP, and help steer community engagement throughout this period of review and renewal/update.

April 2018 – March 2019

  • Review feedback of CCP up to April 2018, add any new goals/priorities, and new data/statistics to update the plan. The new website, and community meetings/home visits will be done in every period up until the end of our Community Development Project.