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F.D.B. Fuels Inc.

One of the most recent acquisitions under the F.D.B. Holdings banner, F.D.B. Fuels is 100% wholly owned.

Originally operated on reserve land for the past 14 years operating as a gas station and sundry outlet for on-reserve residents and passers by.

It is located just of Hwy 55, a thoroughfare that goes through the heart of the reserve on the way east to Prince Albert.

F.D.B. Fuels was acquired in December of 2013. It continues to be a meeting place and provide excellent access to the local community.

  • Mission Statement

    To promote the economic self-sufficiency of the Flying Dust First Nation through sound investments, profitable and sustainable business operations, and effective management of business assets.

  • Products & Services

    F.D.B. Fuels is open 7 days a week and offers fuel as well as a large variety of cold beverages, sundries, and tobacco products. It also has an automotive line including oils, fluids, and the like.

    During summer months it adds fishing tackle to its shelves for local access.

    Full service pumps and a dedicated staff make this operation stand out within the reserve.

  • Vision

    Moving forward, F.D.B. Holdings is exploring building a new fuel station that will provide a more varied selection of additional items, as well as an increased selection healthy ready-made, grab-and-go items. Building a new, more modern fuel station will ensure the continued success of the operation.

    F.D.B. Fuels Inc.
    Daryl Piche, Manager
    Phone 306.236.5575
    Fax 306.236.3373