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What is a Web Dashboard?

Keeping Membership Up to Date and Informed

  • Web Dashboards have been used by larger cities and communities, to show statistics, which are used as indicators in different areas to show how well the community is doing, what needs improvement, and what percent of completion certain projects are at.
  • There will be over 100 indicators spread throughout all areas of the Flying Dust First Nation Planning Wheel, so band members can see the progress we are making, and what initiatives are underway.
  • Once the Dashboard is complete, Flying Dust will be able to make changes to what information will be shown to the public, and keep all sensitive and confidential information private.

Use as Leadership Tool

Chief and Council, with Directors, can practice informed decision making, with information and statistics at their disposal. This will ensure that resources/time/effort are all used as efficiently as possible in pursuit of community goals, and new projects and initiatives. This is something unique our province’s First Nations, and we will be one of the first in Canada to use this approach.