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War changes us forever – all of us: veterans, spouses, children, healers and citizens. This doesn't mean we can't grow stronger and healthier. But our lives and our relationships are not the same, and it's important to mourn what we have lost.  We must also acknowledge the grief of what our veterans went through as far as what they've seen and survived.

  • Fred Merasty

  • Joesph George Merasty

    Saskatoon Light Infantry


    Theatres Of Service

    Sicily and Italy

  • James Merasty

  • Ben J. Lachance

    PPCLI Regular Forces

    Theatres Of Service

    NATO, Germany and Continental Europe

  • Master Corporal

    Clayton Matchee

Community Veterans

  • Alex Bear

    Saskatoon Light Infantry Regular Forces
    1941 -1945

    Theater of Service

  • Frankie J. Merasty

    R.C.A.S.C Regular Peace Time Forces, Active Service

    Theatres Of Service
    NATO, Germany and Continental Europe

  • Ernest Matchee


    Theatres of Service
    World War II European Theatre of Operations

  • Charles Gladue

  • Thomas Bear

    5th Division Royal Louise Fusseliers Regular Forces
    11 Independent Machine Gun Co.
    1941 - 1945 Killed in Action Buried in Ravenna War Cemetery IT.38

    Theatres of Service
    European Theatres of Operations
    Sicily and Italy

  • Fred Merasty (Chikweneese)

    Regina Rifle Regiment Regular Forces
    1951 - 1954

    Theatres Of Service