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F.D.B. Property Management

F.D.B. Industrial Property Management is a wholly owned operation with F.D.B. Holdings. It was founded in 2000 to create a dedicated management arm for the various lands and properties owned by the band. It created oversight as well as a centred approach to present and future development and acquisitions.

  • Vision

    The vision for the Industrial Property Management under F.D.B. Holdings is to separate the existing structure into distinct areas, each with their own portfolios. This will allow for specific accountability and better service to each of the areas. A formal plan for the lands and holdings is well under way and will assist in creating a short, medium and long term vision for the lands currently being overseen, as well as assist greatly in potential future acquisitions and purchases.

    The community plan that was completed in 2007 is under review with all members of the band having the opportunity to give input and share their vision for the future. It is scheduled to be completed by May of 2015.

  • Products & Services

    The property management arm of F.D.B. Holdings is comprised of several key areas such as Land Code Coordination, Land Clerk, Land Manager… These titles also service property management, land use and occupancy, matrimonial real property, land use plan in addition agricultural leases, property leases, commercial space leases and oversight of private property management issues. The provincial building property management subsidiary, which is located in the town of Meadow Lake, falls under a separate company, 625706 SK. Ltd.

    F.D.B. Industrial Property Management
    Darwin Derocher, Manager
    Phone 306.236.4437