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F.D.B. Gravel Inc.

Originally established in 2000, F.D.B Gravel Inc. was created to take advantage of the large aggregate deposits located on Flying Dust First Nation lands. The ability to self source required raw materials for community infrastructure, to create employment, and, as a natural progression, market the product to local clientele.

Originally, the business was operated as a supplier for Flying Dust First Nation needs. It quickly expanded as a source for local commercial business to acquire aggregate products.

The quality of the aggregate supply, being very clean and the aggregate composition being solid and strong, has created a large demand for the product. Specifically, the application for concrete as well as crushed product has allowed the growth of the operation.

In conjunction with the band, as well as the affiliation established with the Meadow Lake Tribal Council and its R.D.I. (Resource Development Holdings arm), F.D.B. Gravel Inc. is well positioned to expand the existing operation and potential future opportunities.

  • Mission Statement

    To promote the economic self-sufficiency of the Flying Dust First Nation through sound investments, profitable and sustainable business operations, and effective management of the business assets.

  • Products & Services

    At present, the operation services existing, commercial contractors, as well as band operations.

    The gravel pit is setup to accommodate large scale clients and includes a loader, hauling truck, scale, office, video camera, and computer system to service the operation.

  • Vision

    Final plans are underway to expand the services to commercial and government clients and includes the purchase and leasing of new large scale equipment and employment of operators to perform clearing, grading, and other heavy equipment requirements as needed. By adding the ability to not only provide quality materials, but to actually service the needs on site for clients, F.D.B. Gravel is well on its way to providing long term prosperity to its shareholders and continued growth and employment opportunities.

    F.D.B. Gravel Inc.
    Craig Derocher , manager
    Phone 306.240.8750